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What is Massage and Benefits?
Benefits of Massage/Deep Tissue:
  • Massage benefits the circulatory system by:
Helping to develop a stronger heart
Improving oxygen supply to cells
Improving the supply of nutrients ot cells
Elimination of metabolic wastes
Decreasing blood pressure
  • Massage benefits the digestive system by:
Relaxing the abdominal and intestinal muscles
Relieving tension
Stimulating activity of liver and kidneys
Eliminating waste material
  • Massage benefits the muscular system by:
Relaxing or stimulating muscles
Reducing fibrosis and adhesions in muscles and connective tissues
Helping to keep muscles flexible and pliable
Relieving soreness, tension and stiffness
  • Massage benefits the nervous system by:
Stimulating motor nerve points
Relieving restlessness and insomnia
Promoting a sense of well-being
Relieving pain
  • Massage benefits the respiratory system by:
Developing respiratory muscles
Assisting in proper breathing
  • Massage benefits the lymph system by:
Increasing circulation of lymph
Cleansing the body of metabolic wastes
  • Massage benefits the integumentary system (the skin) by:
Stimulating blood to better nourish skin
Improving tone and elasticity of skin
Helping to normalize glandular functions
  • Massage benefits the skeletal system by:
Improving body alignment
Relieving stiff joints.

Benefits of Sports Massage:

The goal of athletic massage is to enhance the athlete’s performance.  Performance is
regulated by the efficiency, precision, and freedom with which the athlete is able to move.  
Efficiency is dependent on training and conditioning.  Athletic massage allows for more
intense training.  Restrictions from pain, spasms, and tension inhibit freedom of
movement.  Without freedom of movement, precision is adversely affected. Athletic
massage reduces many of the restrictions.

Benefits of Sports massage are:
  • Massage causes hyperemia, making more oxygen and nutrients necessary for
growth and repair available to the body area being massaged.
  • Massage stimulates circulation and lymph drainage to flush out metabolic wastes
    of exertion quickly.  It is three to five times more effective in combating fatigue than
  • Massage stretches and broadens muscle, tendons and ligaments
  • Massage breaks down the “gluing” between fascial sheaths.
  • Massage separates fibrosis and breaks down adhesions that results form
inflammation and trauma.
  • Massage helps to realign collagen fibers formed as a result of injury to produce a
strong, flexible scar.
  • Massage reduces muscle spasm
  • Massage identifies possible trouble areas and helps to eliminate them

Special Benefits of Massage to Athletes:
  • Massage allows the athlete to reach peak performance sooner and sustain it
  • With massage, muscles improve tin flexibility and are able to respond more quickly
and powerfully.
  • Massage encourages better performance and reduces the chance of injury
  • Massage eliminates muscle stiffness due to excess acid buildup.  It rejuvenates
muscle quicker after intense workouts or events.
  • Massage offers the athlete a chance to relax and recuperate more quickly
  • Massage reduces ischemic pain and pain from spasm, splinting, and tensions
  • Athletic massage identifies and eliminates possible trouble spots, thereby
    preventing injury.
  • With massage, injures heal quicker and stronger without loss of power due to
transverse fibrosis
  • Massage extends the overall span of athlete’s career

What conditions or ailments would massage therapy
be beneficial for?  

During intense training, competition, and sometimes in everday life, muscle strength and
endurance is pushed to its limits and beyond.

  • The result may include:
Increased metabolic waste buildup in the tissues
Strains in the muscle or connective tissue.  The may range from microscopic
microtrauma to major injury
Inflammation and associated fibrosis
Spasms and pain that restrict movement

These negative effects are the results of exercise, but with a sports massage it will
effectively counteract these conditions.  It normally takes a muscle that has been stressed
to a point of fatigue forty-eight to seventy-two hours to rest, adapt, and recuperate.  Athletic
massage can reduce the recuperation time by as much as 50 percent.