My Mom, Lucille is trying to get her
business off the ground.  It is her
dream in what she wants to do
when she retires.

Below is a short price list and
some sample pictures of some
wondrous cakes she has made.

She is an Instructor at Michael's in  
making and decorating cakes.
Box Cake
Simple Cake
Nutty-Kissing Cake
Reverse Lace Cake
Ribbon Cake
Lace Cake
2 Tier Cake
9 inch round
Heart Cake
White on White Cake
Sugar Heart Cookies
$1/2 doz $40
Lace and Pearls Cake
Tuxedo to 4 by 4 pick an assorted
appetizer    $90
Happy Birthday with Balloons
$85 1/2 sheet
Basic Price List:

Truffle Balls (great gifts)
Granche cakes                         $75.00
Fondant cakes                          $70.00
Round                                         $55.00
Square                                        $60.00
Lace cakes                                 $75.00
Cookies                                      $40.00 1/2 dozen
Petite fours                                 $65.00

Prices are subject to change.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order give me a call
or email me.  Phone number 281-469-3981
Wrapped Icing Cake
Chocolate on Chocolate
Grandma's White Cake
Simple Humming-Bird on White
Fruit Basket on White
Kid on White Cream Cake
5-Layer Chocolate Strawberry
Filling w/ Cream Cheese Icing
2-stack white vanilla cream
1 - layer chocolate fondant cake
60 Wedding Anniversary everything
edible $300
Gingerbread House over 300
candies $125.00
Truffle Balls: Different fillings and
flavors..similiar to BON BON's
1/2 lb  $8.95
Cup Cake --- 10 inch Cake
(fillings and different flavors avail)
Chocolate on Chocolate chip