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Dr. Randy Mitchmore
It is hard to find a Dentist that Cares and
Listens and does an awesome job.  If you
are looking for that type of Dentist Dr. Randy
Mitchmore is the man.
Dr. McNamara can give you a second
chance in enhancing your youth.  He is an
incredible doctor.  

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Houston Buyers Club 800-350-2392 or
informative associates, the Houston Buyers Club.  They are very
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Plus, they are inexpensive and non-profit.

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"Face In Your Crowd" Now Available on CD Baby - September
28, 2008

Get your copy today through the link below!!
Just when we think the music industry is a wrap with its cookie cutter
artists and template tracks and lyrics, something new blooms and
this is certainly refreshing. Influenced by an impressive league of
writers and performers, Jay Arseno (Jonathan Adam) dares to push
the envelope through bypassing his sleeve and laying his heart on
the page. Jay is no stranger to the stage, beginning his career as a
singer early on in church choirs and musical
theatre in his native Baton Rouge, LA. He is passionate about true
artistic and emotional expression, so it is no surprise that Jay
ventured out into writing and singing his own pop and rock songs. It
is clear Jay learned from the best,
citing Duncan Sheik, Better Than Ezra, Vertical Horizon and Matchbox
20 as songwriting influences. Their earnest lyricism is apparent in
his writing process, one where he chooses to listen critically to the
music to hear its voice and then add words that reflect what both Jay
and the music have to say. His favorite original tune from his
upcoming second album, “Hero”, is a result of that process, a
synergy found between music and lyrics. The song speaks to the
natural human need for salvation, be it from a situation or ourselves.
In addition to performing and writing his own songs, Jay truly
appreciates collaborating with other songwriters and producers. He
recently worked with platinum hit maker Troy “Radio” Johnson.
Working with Radio and others like him was a rewarding experience
because Jay believes sharing ideas with great writers makes great
music but also helps the individual writer grow. When asked what he
wants his fans to know about him most, his response is, “I’m a real
person. I write from my heart and I want that to come across. I’m not
the bubble gum pop trend and I want to make a mark on the world.”
There is no doubt that given the chance, Jay Arseno (Jonathan
Adam) will make such a mark and it will be a welcomed return to real